“Preserving Profit Through Meaningful Management”

Inspire Property Management would like to offer our expert services. Inspire has a united team of agents and property managers who work together to find reliable pre-qualified tenants for your personal or investment properties.

We strive to keep a good eye on your home. We make it a point to drive by our properties often and get into them at least once a year for inspection.

We service many cities:

  • Morongo Valley
  • Yucca Valley
  • Joshua Tree
  • 29 Palms
  • Landers

If You Want Tenants Who Pay On Time and Respect Your Property…
Then you’ll want the tenants who pass our screening.

“11 Non-Negotiable Traits that Make a Perfect Tenant”

  1. Credit Report: We review a three tier credit report. We look at the positive and delinquent history with past and current creditors.
  2. Job Confirmation: Not only do they need a job to pay the rent…but a well established job. Checking job history enables us to determine that they are not “flakes in the job world” or the rental world. We even confirm their jobs with proof of current payment stubs.
  3. Personal References: We want to know what their friends say about our possible renters.
  4. Professional References: Have they paid their other bills on time? We want to know before they move in your home.
  5. Nation Wide Criminal Report: We leave no stone unturned.
  6. Rental History: We like to know the Where, When, and Whys of our tenants housing history. We call the last two landlords and get the report on what kind of tenants they have been.

  7. Eviction History: A past eviction is a huge red flag.
  8. Personal Interview: Do they have the willingness and the ability to meet our standards as renters?
  9. Finance Evaluation: Are they able to pay the rent along with their other commitments?
  10. Planned length of stay: Are they the “just fly by the night” tenants? Or are they building a history in the area. We ask all the questions NOW, so there are no surprises later.
  11. Personal Presentation and Vibe: Do they care about themselves? If not, it shows and they surely won’t care about YOUR property.
    We always bring you ALL of the information gathered from our tenant interviews. After obtaining our report on the prospective tenant, YOU make the final determination if YOU would like that tenant in YOUR home.

How we Advertise

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  • As wells as many other locations that are syndicated with our website
  • Rental Lists located in front of our office for passersby

Inspire Property Management has long been known for excellent service; with ethics, honesty, and integrity being its foundation.

If you have one or more Residential, Commercial, or Industrial properties, please feel free to call for a free consultation of your rental property or for more information regarding our services.

Karen Lowe
(760) 333-5197